Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Women CEOs at Helsinki’s Stock Exchange

Women have surpassed men in becoming CEOs of listed companies

The Helsinki Stock Exchange has seen a significant increase in diversity, with the current share of women CEOs of listed companies exceeding seven percent. Despite this progress, there is still room for improvement in achieving greater gender diversity among CEOs, says responsibility consultant Kaisa Hernberg. In 2015, there were more Juha CEOs than women, but now in Helsinki, there are more women CEOs than Juha CEOs, according to recent calculations. Hernberg notes that while the number of female CEOs has increased since 2015, it seems to have decreased slightly since last year.

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The Union of Women’s Affairs made calculations in 2015 that showed there were more listed companies led by men named Juha than women at that time. However, recent data from the Central Chamber of Commerce shows that now there are more women CEOs than Juha CEOs in Helsinki. This progress can be attributed to efforts towards greater gender diversity and inclusion in the business world. While we have come a long way, there is still work to be done to achieve true equality and balance in leadership positions.

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