Breaking: Shipping Vessel Strikes Bridge, Causes Collapse in Maryland Early Morning”.

Maryland Bridge Collapse Caught on Livestream as Ship Collides with Structure

A ship with a length of 984 feet crashed into a bridge in Maryland early Tuesday morning, causing it to collapse. The vessel, identified as the Dali, was captured on YouTube livestream at 1:28 a.m. when it struck what appeared to be a bridge support beam.

The Dali is owned by Grace Ocean, a Singapore-based company, and managed by Synergy Marine Group, also based in Singapore. Attempts to reach both companies for comment were unsuccessful. According to the Maryland Transportation Authority, the bridge closure was due to a collapse caused by the ship strike.

The Baltimore Police Department confirmed a partial bridge collapse, with workers possibly in the water. Representatives for the Maryland Transportation Authority did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The incident highlights the potential dangers of maritime traffic near bridges and the importance of maintaining safe distances to prevent accidents like this from occurring.

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