Division-Wide Hard Knocks: NFL’s New Format for In-Season Show in 2024

NFL owners greenlight major alterations to Hard Knocks: Up to five teams may be showcased annually

In 2024, the NFL’s “Hard Knocks” is set to return with new changes after the league’s owners approved several rules for the show. According to CBS Sports lead NFL insider Jonathan Jones, one of the most significant changes is that the in-season version of “Hard Knocks” will now feature four teams within one division. This new format aims to minimize disruption for individual teams during the regular season and ensure no team gains a competitive advantage.

The decision to include an entire division has been made in response to criticism from some teams that have participated in previous seasons. However, it is still unclear which division will be featured in the 2024 season. Given that the Dolphins and Cardinals have recently appeared on the show, they are unlikely to be chosen again soon.

In addition to the changes made to eligibility rules for the in-season show, there are also some updates regarding which teams are eligible for participation in both versions of “Hard Knocks.” Teams with first-year head coaches, teams participating in the upcoming in-season show, and teams that have appeared on “Hard Knocks” within the past eight years can now participate if they wish.

Under previous rules, only a limited pool of eligible teams could participate. However, these rules have been revised to increase diversity and make “Hard Knocks” more exciting for fans and viewers alike.

While we don’t know yet which teams will be featured in each episode of “Hard Knocks,” we can expect new dynamics as a result of this change. The addition of an entire division promises to bring new challenges and excitement for both players and fans alike.

Overall, it’s clear that “Hard Knocks” has evolved since its debut. With more eligible teams participating, we can look forward to even more insight into training camps and player development throughout the season.

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