Empowering the Next Generation: Croatian Association of Banks Launches “Finance for New Generations” Program to Promote Financial Literacy among Youth and Entrepreneurs

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The Croatian Association of Banks (HUB) is set to celebrate World Money Week from March 18 to 24 this year with an array of activities. HUB has organized a rich program and workshops that will continue throughout the year, in collaboration with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The aim of the education program called “Finance for New Generations” is to enhance financial literacy among young people and encourage young entrepreneurs who are just starting their careers.

The program for students and teachers will reach about 500 professors and 17,000 students over two years. A digital manual called “My Money, My Job, My Future” will be used for education. Workshops and educational content will be conducted by Štedopis, led by Marina Ralašić, to promote financial awareness. Concurrently, workshops for young entrepreneurs titled “I’m My Own Boss” will be organized in partnership with entrepreneur Kristina Ercegović and the mojnovac.hr portal. These workshops, comprising 13 modules, will provide participants with essential knowledge and tools for success in the entrepreneurial world.

Marina Ralašić, the manager of Štedopis, emphasizes the significance of these programs in fostering financial literacy among youth. Štedopis was established in 2015 as an organization dedicated to teaching young people about money management and entrepreneurship. They have formulated various publications, conducted research, and executed projects to enhance financial literacy among children and youth. Currently, they are developing new content for secondary schools, consisting of a textbook for students and a manual for teachers called “My Money, My Job, My Future.”

The new online textbook will cover essential topics like personal finance, economics, career development

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