Fearless Wild Science: The Joint Collaboration Between ZDF Studios and BIG MEDIA

Big Media to Produce Second Series of Wild Science for ZDF Studios

ZDF Studios and BIG MEDIA have joined forces to produce a new documentary series called WILD SCIENCE. The series will focus on the world’s most fearsome predators and showcase their behaviors, survival strategies, and unique characteristics. This collaboration marks the second series under a multi-series output deal signed by the two companies in December 2023 for German-speaking territories.

WILD SCIENCE will use cutting-edge CGI, visually dynamic footage, and a scientific zoological perspective to explore the science behind each animal’s remarkable existence. From the ocean’s depths to the savannah’s heart, the series promises to delve deep into the inner workings of nature’s most formidable creatures.

BIG MEDIA’s Martin Kaše highlighted the use of AI and realistic 3D rendering in creating graphic models that reveal the inner workings of nature’s most formidable creatures. This ambitious production would not be possible without the editorial and financial support of ZDF Studios, according to Kaše.

Nikolas Huelbusch, ZDF Studios’ Director Unscripted, praised BIG MEDIA as a fantastic partner and highlighted the collaborative nature of their output deal, which allows them to be involved in all stages of production. WILD SCIENCE aligns perfectly with their content strategy, and they anticipate a positive reception from viewers across their territories.

The series is currently in production, with additional licensing deals being negotiated for territories outside of the German-speaking regions.

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