From Marathon Runner to Prostate Cancer Survivor: James Williams Jr.’s Journey to Prioritize Men’s Health

Examining Important Health Screenings Every Man Should Get

The month of June is set aside to commemorate Men’s Health Month, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of men prioritizing their health. One individual who has done just that is James Williams Jr., a two-time prostate cancer survivor, who shares his story in hopes of encouraging other men to follow suit.

At the age of 39, Williams was in good shape and regularly participated in marathons. However, after receiving a push from his late wife to undergo a prostate screening as part of his annual physical, he agreed. Although his numbers were elevated, he received conflicting advice from doctors before finally finding a specialist who diagnosed him with prostate cancer. Today, Williams credits catching the disease early and receiving appropriate treatment with saving his life.

Williams is now advocating for men aged 45 and older to get screened for prostate cancer, as well as other important screenings such as colonoscopies, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Stuart Bell, a primary care doctor and medical director, emphasizes the importance of personalized care and shared decision-making when it comes to these screenings. He recommends that men begin getting these screenings by the age of 45 or earlier if there is a family history of these diseases.

Bell also stresses the importance of being aware of testicular cancer for younger men and lung cancer for smokers when it comes to preventive care and early detection. Taking an active role in making informed decisions about screenings and scheduling regular check-ups can have a significant impact on men’s health and overall wellbeing. By promoting preventive care and early detection through Men’s Health Month, we aim to empower men to take charge of their health and lead healthier lives overall

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