From Private Chef to Strongman: Bjornson’s Meticulous Approach to Muscle Gain

What is the diet of the world’s strongest man?

Achieving results in weight gain or building large muscle mass requires a disciplined and consistent approach to nutrition. This includes planning and adhering to principles that promote precise calorie intake and maintenance of muscle mass.

One example of someone who takes this approach is Strongman competitor Bjornson, who treats eating as a job. His father serves as his private chef, preparing large portions of eggs, rice, fruits, and protein shakes throughout the day. Bjornson’s eating routine involves multiple meals and snacks to meet his calorie goal of 8000 calories per day.

His diet is high in protein from sources like steak, vegetables, and proteins. He also consumes a large amount of rice to fuel his body for intense training sessions. Bjornson’s meticulous approach to nutrition has been essential in helping him prepare for competitions with high physical demands.

Building large muscle mass requires regular maintenance to prevent loss, even when on a diet for weight gain. It is important to plan and stick to principles that promote precision in calorie intake and overall health. With discipline, consistency, and the right approach to nutrition, it is possible to achieve your desired results.

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