From Slam Dunks to Popcorn Picks: Steph Curry’s Expert Opinions and Passions.

Steph Curry of the Warriors Plays a Hand in Choosing Popcorn for Intuit Dome – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

Steph Curry is not only a well-known expert on the game of basketball, but he also has extensive knowledge about popcorn. The four-time NBA champion, who holds the record for most 3-pointers made in league history, is often seen enjoying popcorn on the team plane and in various arenas around the country. In 2019, he even released a ranking of every NBA arena’s popcorn quality, showcasing his expertise on the salty snack.

Curry’s popcorn knowledge is so respected that the group behind the food at the Los Angeles Clippers’ new Intuit Dome arena consulted with him for an opinion on their popcorn. CEO of Halo Sports and Entertainment Gillian Zucker explained that they wanted their popcorn to be the best, so they reached out to Curry for his insight. He tried about 10 different options and discussed what makes good popcorn – it should be crunchy, have a butterfly shape, and melt in your mouth, according to Curry.

With his input, it is likely that the Intuit Dome popcorn will rank high on Curry’s list of best arena popcorn. It is evident that Curry’s passions extend beyond basketball, as he takes the time to provide expert opinions on snacks as well. Whether it’s on the court or tasting popcorn, Curry truly does it all.

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