From Wichita Falls to Soccer Pitch: Insights from Sports Drive’s Dynamic Guests

Get up to speed with Lucas Kinsey, Tabitha Fowler, Piper Lang, and Mike Roden

Today, we had the privilege of speaking with several guests on Sports Drive. We interviewed Lucas Kinsey, Tabitha Fowler, Piper Lang, and Mike Roden. If you missed these interviews, you can catch them here.

WT broadcaster Lucas Kinsey shared his experience of being in the arena for the WT vs North Georgia game. He also provided us with his thoughts on the Final Four matchups and more.

Tabitha Fowler and Piper Lang from Tascosa girls soccer talked with us about their team’s first playoff win since 2008. They also discussed how they are preparing for their next game and more.

Mike Roden gave us information about TPSN’s upcoming streaming schedule and where several Panhandle area sports teams stand in the current season.

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