Geology: Unearthing the Past with Finland’s Ancient Bedrock and Tech’s Modern Advancements

Greenland gave birth to Finland

Geology|Our bedrock holds the memories of a young earth, with Finland’s bedrock being the oldest in Europe, dating back more than 3.5 billion years. The Earth itself is only about a billion years older. The oldest discovered bedrock in Finland was formed at least 3.75 billion years ago. Researchers have found this bedrock to have connections to Greenland from its chemical composition. During this time, the earth was still barren, with only simple organisms like bacteria existing.

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The memories of ancient times can be found in zircon mineral crystals in the sand of rivers like Tornionjoki, Iijoki, and Oulujoki, which have weathered away from Finland’s oldest bedrock. These crystals contain remains of radioactive elements older than the parent rock, indicating an even more ancient phase of the bedrock connected to Greenland.

Continental slabs are able to retain memories for billions of years due to their lightness, while marine slabs have a much shorter memory span.

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