Hyundai’s EV and ICE: The Importance of Consumer Choice in the Automotive Industry”.

José Muñoz Believes Auto Shows Benefit Business

At the Automotive Forum New York, José Muñoz, President of Hyundai Motor Company, addressed concerns about the brand’s retail strategy. The company had announced a partnership with Amazon last November to sell vehicles through their online platform, leading to worries among franchise system advocates. However, Muñoz reassured that dealers are still responsible for selling the vehicles and participating in the Amazon platform is optional. Currently, a pilot program with 20 dealers is active, with plans for expansion later in the year.

Muñoz acknowledged the complexity of selling vehicles online, especially since cars are unique products compared to other items on Amazon. He emphasized the importance of consumers interacting with the vehicles in person, which is why Hyundai maintains a strong presence at auto shows worldwide. Muñoz stated that people enjoy attending these shows, seeing and experiencing the cars firsthand.

Having a presence at auto shows allows Hyundai to showcase a wide range of vehicles, including electric models. While the company has focused on electric vehicles (EVs), Muñoz emphasized the importance of offering consumer choice. He mentioned that Hyundai will continue to provide options for internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrid, and EV vehicles to cater to different customer preferences.

In conclusion, Muñoz highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting consumer interests and ensuring flexibility in their product offerings. Despite growing interest in EVs, Hyundai recognizes the need to cater to diverse customer preferences while continuing to innovate in the automotive industry.

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