Memphis Police Department Secures $2 Million in Federal Grants to Enhance Technologies and Combat Crime

Federal Grant Awarded to Memphis Police for Technology and Camera Upgrades

The Memphis Police Department has secured $2 million in federal grants to enhance various technologies that will aid in policing efforts. This funding is crucial for the department, as it lacks enough manpower to effectively carry out its duties.

During a press conference, Rep. Steve Cohen announced the grant and highlighted the importance of these funds in solving crimes. He specifically mentioned the case of Tyre Nichols, whose beating was captured by additional lights and cameras funded by these grants.

Joining Cohen were Memphis Mayor Paul Young and interim Police Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis, who expressed their gratitude for Cohen’s work in securing the funding and emphasized the role technology plays in crime prevention and resolution.

Davis explained that the department plans to use the grant to secure additional upgraded crime surveillance equipment and equipment improvements for officers. One of the upgrades includes body-worn cameras that automatically activate when certain conditions are met, such as the presence of blue lights or weapons being drawn. This investment in technology is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the Memphis Police Department in its mission to protect and serve the community.

The Sentinel Surveillance Cameras Project will receive $963,000 of the grant, while $969,000 will be allocated for officer equipment upgrades. Brooke Muckerman covers Shelby County Government for The Commercial Appeal and can be contacted at for more updates on this topic.

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