Mondeléz International’s 200th Anniversary: Reaffirming the Importance of Cadbury’s Bournville Factory in the West Midlands

Owner says Cadbury’s Bournville plant continues to be the cornerstone of the business

In celebration of its 200th anniversary, Mondeléz International, the owners of Cadbury, have announced their commitment to maintaining the historic Bournville factory in the West Midlands. Louise Stigant, managing director of Cadbury, expressed her gratitude for being a part of a company with such a rich heritage and highlighted the significance of the Bournville plant as “the Crown Jewels” of Cadbury.

Despite facing challenges in the past, including a hostile takeover by American firm Kraft in 2010 and subsequent job losses and production moves to Poland, Cadbury remains a staple in the UK. The factory became part of Kraft’s confectionery arm, Mondelez International, in 2012, with Bournville serving as the Global Centre of Excellence for chocolate research and development.

Stigant emphasized that despite these challenges, Cadbury has invested significantly in the UK business since taking over 14 years ago. With over £270m invested so far, Cadbury remains dedicated to keeping Bournville at the forefront of its plans. Stigant reiterated this commitment to Bournville as the company’s top priority and “home and heart” for years to come.

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