New Vision for Salt Lake City: Transforming the Delta Center into an Entertainment Hub with Renovations, Plaza, Residential Tower and Hotel

Proposal for Major Face-Lift for SLC’s Delta Center in Sports District

Salt Lake City is looking to create a sports and entertainment district that will give the Delta Center a fresh look, with plans for a grand entrance, residential tower and hotel. The ownership group of the Utah Jazz and the newly acquired NHL franchise in the state presented this vision to the Salt Lake City Council during a presentation.

Mike Maughan, executive of Smith Entertainment Group (SEG), shared the details of the district’s vision during the presentation. The plan includes renovations to the Delta Center, which are set to start in April of next year. The new arena entrance will open up to a plaza, providing community gathering spaces that benefit residents even if they don’t purchase tickets for events held in the district.

SEG has committed to investing over $3 billion in the project, which will be built on two blocks east of the Delta Center. The funding for this project will come from a half-a-percentage-point sales tax increase in Salt Lake City.

The proposed sports and entertainment district aims to revitalize downtown Salt Lake City by providing a vibrant space for residents and visitors alike. With plans for a renovated Delta Center entrance, new plaza, residential tower and hotel, this district could transform the area into an entertainment hub that brings community together.

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