NFL Plays Christmas Day in 2024, Shaking up the Sports Industry and Traditional Holiday Celebrations

NFL Announces Christmas Day Games for 2024 Season

The NFL has boldly announced that it will play on Christmas 2024, even though it falls on a Wednesday. This decision comes after a significant increase in viewership for the NFL’s Christmas tripleheader from 2022 to 2023, reaching 28.7 million viewers. In contrast, NBA viewership on Christmas Day is declining.

NFL executive Hans Schroeder initially claimed that the league would not play on Christmas when the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but this plan was inevitable to change. Many were skeptical at first, but it seems that Schroeder may have also known that this change would come given the competitive nature of the sports industry.

The decision to play on Christmas in 2024 signifies a shift in power dynamics between the NFL and the NBA on this holiday. This move indicates that the NFL is determined to claim Christmas Day as its own, leaving the NBA’s ratings in the dust. The NFL’s dominance on Christmas is evident, and it seems that this trend will continue in the years to come.

This news has sparked mixed reactions among fans and experts alike. Some are excited about the prospect of watching their favorite teams play on Christmas Day, while others worry about disrupting traditional family gatherings and holiday activities.

Regardless of what people think about it, one thing is clear: the NFL’s bold move shows its commitment to dominating every aspect of popular culture during the holiday season.

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