Piracy Shield Source Code Leaked: AgCom and SP Tech Face Backlash, Legal Implications

Italian Hackers Pirate Anti-Piracy Software, Piracy Shield

In recent news, the Italian digital landscape is buzzing with discussions regarding Piracy Shield, an anti-piracy platform managed by AgCom in collaboration with SP Tech. The platform, which was previously criticized for mistakenly blocking legitimate sites, now faces a more serious challenge with the theft and online publication of its source code. The leaked code, found on GitHub, contains sensitive information ranging from the user interface to data models, storage management, filesystem, API, and internal documentation.

The identity of the perpetrator behind this act remains unknown, but the incident has sparked backlash against Piracy Shield, with many accusing it of acting more as a tool of censorship rather than a solution to online piracy. The situation is further compounded by recent reports that Piracy Shield has blocked 15 IP addresses belonging to Akamai, the world’s largest Content Delivery Network. This revelation, discovered through Piracy Shield Search, has intensified the debate surrounding the legitimacy and efficacy of the platform.

MP Giulia Pastorella, a member of Action, has expressed deep concerns about these developments and has called for immediate action to address the highlighted issues and prevent potential misuse. Her appeal comes after it was revealed that numerous providers were granted access to Piracy Shield in February, highlighting the challenges faced by the platform.

The leaking of Piracy Shield’s source code on GitHub has dealt a significant blow to AgCom and SP Tech. They must now navigate requests for code removal while also dealing with legal and security implications. The individual behind the leak used the pseudonym “Fuckpiracyshield,” portraying Piracy Shield as a tool for censorship rather than an effective anti-piracy solution. It remains to be seen how AgCom and SP Tech will respond to these developments and what measures they will take to ensure their platform is secure and effective in combating online piracy.

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