Russia Accuses Ukraine and West of Facilitating IS Attack in Moscow; Belarus Challenges Russian Narrative, Tension Escalates

Lukashenko disputes Putin’s claim and states terrorists are seeking refuge in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government have accused Ukraine and the West of facilitating an Islamic State attack in Moscow last Friday, which resulted in 139 deaths. Despite this accusation, Ukraine denied any involvement and dismissed Russia’s claims as lies.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has challenged Russia’s narrative by stating that the attackers initially tried to flee to Belarus, not Ukraine. This revelation contradicts Russia’s claims that Ukraine provided a “window” for the attackers to cross the border, which is a risky move considering the heavily guarded border next to a war zone.

The FSB head, Alexander Bortnikov, claimed that Western and Ukrainian special services were involved in facilitating the attack, but did not provide specific evidence for these claims. The comments from Russian officials suggest an escalation of tension and potential military action in Ukraine, as Moscow seeks to impose its narrative and control over the situation. Eight suspects are now in preventive prison, including a Kyrgyz-born man who may be connected to the mass shooting.

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