The fearless journey of Raúl González: CEO of Barceló Hotel Group shares his love for travel, sports and staying ahead in the industry.

Raúl González (Barceló) is known for his ability to sleep effortlessly, even while on his feet

Raúl González, CEO for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East of Barceló Hotel Group, was born in Guardo (Palencia) in 1961. His father was stationed there for work, and it was on September 27, International Tourism Day, that led González to believe he was predestined to work in the sector. Growing up in Bilbao until his work with the hotel company led him to reside in Palma de Mallorca, González admits to enjoying taking risks and being a bit fearless in order to stay ahead in the industry.

Despite the challenges of the industry, González expressed his love for traveling and meeting new people. However, he admitted that excessive travel can be exhausting, leading to moments of laziness during long 12-hour trips. Taking around 200 flights per year is considered crucial for his job as a tourism executive. He emphasized the importance of setting an example and staying connected with the hotels under his supervision.

González reflected on the evolution of his career, noting that as responsibilities increased, he became less of an economist and more focused on fostering personal relationships. He emphasized the importance of understanding and connecting with people in various roles, ranging from team members to hotel owners. Despite the changing dynamics of his work, González expressed an appreciation for seeing his team members grow and surpass him in certain areas.

As for his personal interests, González mentioned his love for sports like paddle tennis and tennis

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