Unveiling the Best of Boston: 1985 Patriots Uniform Takes Top Spot in Sports Uniform Showdown

Fans vote Classic Patriots as the best uniform in Boston sports history

In the bracket of Boston’s best sports uniforms, it was the iconic 1985 Patriots uniform that emerged as the most popular choice. Despite their recent success, the voters chose the red jerseys with the “Pat Patriot” helmets to represent old school New England professional football.

In a close matchup between the 1985 Patriots and the classic Red Sox era, which had already defeated No. 1 seed in a previous round, the ’85 uniform won with a narrow margin of 54-46 percentage. The opening round victory for the ’85 team was lopsided, and they went on to defeat Bobby Orr Bruins Era uniforms in a final matchup with a significant victory of 57-43 margin.

The 2011 Bruins and Bobby Orr Era Bruins were also close matchups in this bracket, with only 16 votes separating them. However, despite being given a lower seed and facing tough competition, the 1985 Patriots uniform stood out as the best choice in Boston sports history.

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