WhatsApp’s AI-Powered Photo Editing Features Set to Revolutionize Messaging Apps

WhatsApp introduces a new feature allowing users to customize photo backgrounds and styles with generative AI

WhatsApp is set to introduce new photo editing features that use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience. The app’s latest version for Android, released through the Google Play beta program, includes a new button that allows users to modify their photos in various ways.

One of the standout features is the ability to change the background of your photos by replacing it with another image or transforming its style based on user descriptions. This feature is expected to be incorporated into WhatsApp, as confirmed by the company.

In addition to this feature, Meta has recently developed new tools using generative AI, such as the Meta AI chatbot and Expressive Media Universe (EMU), which creates images from text and allows users to create stickers directly from messaging applications. These tools are set to revolutionize the way we communicate and share content on social media platforms.

Meta has also announced two more tools based on generative AI for editing images using EMU technology on Instagram – Restyle and Backdrop. Restyle applies visual styles to images based on a description, while Backdrop modifies the background according to user instructions. These features will likely be brought over to WhatsApp in due course, allowing users even more flexibility when it comes to enhancing their photos.

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