Where is Cam Sutton? Lions Release Former Cornerback Following Domestic Battery Charges and Questions Rise About His Well-Being

Cam Sutton has been contacted by Mike Tomlin

The Lions have released former cornerback Cam Sutton, who is still missing after five days without any updates on his whereabouts. Sutton was arrested in Florida for domestic battery by strangulation, a third-degree felony that carries a potential five-year prison sentence. The NFL owners meeting is taking place this week, and questions are expected to be directed at the Lions and Sutton’s former team, the Steelers.

Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin has stated that he reached out to Sutton regarding the off-field issues but declined to provide further details. Speculation and concerns have risen over Sutton’s well-being as he has not turned himself in or made contact since the news broke. The expectation was for Sutton to bounce back from a challenging previous season with the addition of new defensive backs to the roster. However, his recent arrest has cast a shadow over his career and future prospects in the league.

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